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I love DxC, and I am really heartbroken about what happen, but me, well I already accept life as it is. This war shouldn't have started at all. This is a Cartoon, and we are simply fans. This whole thing is getting way too out of control, you love Courtney you hate Gwen. You love Gwen You hate Courtney, this is not the way it should be. All of this is making us forget what we loved in the first place, or what we have in common, we all love Total Drama Series, we are like a Country against our own people.

And I read this "Story" called "Imagine The Shock" were a DxG fan in a review bashes DxC writers; Okay I get it, you don't like DxC nor Courtney, but that is really No excuse to bash US. The review said that if we stopped writing it was better for the world so they would be less crappy writers and stories; Me I am really offended by that comment, not sad, not mad: offended. That we write stories about DxC does not makes us bad writers, I know that some people are not good writers, but they are also DxG fics bad written, GxT bad written, BxG bad written, NoCo bad written. So yeah, I found that very offensive. And that we like a couple does not excuse for being disrespectful , and that for both DxG and DxC fans.

Like I said, this is taking out the worst side of us, and well, it's not good, nor healthy. And yeah, I don't like Gwen, I used to, she used to be one of my favorite characters, but I mean DxG fans let's be honest, you saw the sneak peack and saw that DxC were still together, what does that make Gwen? A boyfriend stealer. And I was not only angry but shocked; I mean after what Heather did to her on season one, I thought se would be the last person to do something like that. Look DxG fans congratulations, you've won this war, I'm still hoping it was just a battle but, I don't know. But think about this, what are we battling for… fiction? Unreal animation? We are battling our opinion… of a cartoon network cartoon?

I don't mean this is a bad way, and I don't mean to offend anyone, us DxC fans can also be a little harsh or well really harsh, but give us a break, me for example I waste a year and a half writing about a couple that was destined to hate each other, how do you think I feel? Im not going to stop writing, but I am going to take a break from this site for a little while, just until we all realized what this is really about... If that ever happens. I just think we should all stick to what we like right now, DxC with DxC and DxG with DxG, bashing and flaming and arguing won't get us anywhere. Even if I sound cliché, really it won't. And I know how Courtney is, she can be mean, spoiled and bratty, but she did not cheat, Gwen and Courtney both deserve something better then a cheating punk.
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Ely Dramatic
Im The Dramatic Runner, or Ely Dramatic if you want, im 17 years old, I love writng and reading. I love movies and way too many tv shows.

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